Urban Airship Revenge

To play, use your keyboard arrow keys to move your Airship.

Shoot awesome missiles with your spacebar.

Collect app icons to power up, and increase your Airship's awesomeness.

Game Over

Oh No! The game is over. Well, submit your score for a chance to win a free t-shirt.

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Urban Airship is proud to announce 128/16-Bit Gaming; a revolutionary new product, and a break through in 8-bit Technology. “This is the perfect compliment to our existing mobile platform, one that’s sure to change the way we connect and engage with everything around us.” said Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship. “Once we solved the mobile problem, taking on the 8-Bit industry was a logical next step,” Kveton continued.

By multiplying both sides of a fraction, Urban Airship was able to increase the numbers used from 8/1 to 128/16, which has a huge impact on the numbers displayed.

You can see this technology in action by playing Urban Airship Revenge now. Rank in the Top 100 scores to win a free t-shirt from Urban Airship!

Or, learn more about our existing Mobile Platform here.